Battery Plug Quick Connect Disconnect Electrical Kit 1/0-8 Gauge Winch Trailer

SKU: 2x b923

Power/Size: 50Amp/6-8AWG
$7.48 $11.99
Kit Include (a Pair of two Connectors) See picture for details
  • 2 connector ends
  • 4 terminal pins
  • 2 rubber boot caps
Battery Quick Connect Disconnect Electrical Plug Kit - 2-4 Gauge Winch Trailer

Quick connector set - Provides simple and convenient method for Connecting & disconnecting power to a winch or other electrical device for any purpose requiring a high-current, quick-disconnect connector
  • Rugged - Crafted from tough polycarbonate and each end features a fitted rubber boot to protect against dust, moisture, corrosion and the elements
  • Simple to use - Connector ends are identical, so either end is suitable for connection to the power or load side; however, they are mated (they connect in only one polarity or direction), to prevent anyone from connecting them cross-polarity 
  • Easy set-up - Simply insert wires into terminal pins, then crimp or solder. Pins are then inserted into the connector housing, where they lock in place (pins can be removed from housing if necessary)
  • Usage - Designed for low-voltage (12-36 volts DC), direct-current use and accepts wires from 2-4 gauge
  • High-current - All components are suitable for very high-current use, such as for winches rated 8,000 pounds or greater (true rated capacity is 175 amps)
  • Universal - This set may be used to connect any brand of winch
  • Dimensions - Each connector measures 3-1/8" long x 2-1/8" wide x 1" thick (connected set measures 5-1/4" x 2-1/8" x 1")
  • What's included
  • Complete set - Kit includes one pair of connectors (2 connector ends, 4 terminal pins and 2 rubber boot caps)

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