20Pcs Set Head Tungsten Carbide Steel Rotary Burr Die Grinder Bit Shank Carving

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Package Included
  • 20 X Carbide Rotary Tool

Product Feature
  • First Choice for Many Machining: Tungsten carbide, wear-resistant and durable, increases metal removal rate, improves ease of control, long service life.
  • Double Cut Head: Double-cut style has rows of cutting teeth cut in two intersecting directions for fast material removal and a rougher finish.
  • 20 Different Tools: Include rotary burrs, grinding head and rotary burr cutting tools etc., meet most of your drilling needs.
  • Efficient: Machining hardness reach HRC70, for the most work, rotary burr set it can replace petiole small wheel. And their working life is 10 times longer than normal HSS burr, 200 times longer than petiole small wheel.
  • Useful: Shank 1/8 inch(3mm), for electric or pneumatic tool drive. Speed is about 6000-50000 rev/min.
  • Application: Suitable for deburring and polishing cast iron, cutting, engraving carving,metal,cast steel,carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel ,wood,stone and other materials.

Product Specification
  • Type Carbide Rotary Tool
  • Material Tungsten Carbide
  • Groove Double Cut Solid
  • Cutting Edge Diameter 3mm/0.12in(10pcs)and 6mm/0.24in(10pcs)
  • Shank Diameter 3mm/0.12in
  • 10pcs of 3*3mm/0.12*0.12in Total Length 40mm/1.58in
  • 10pcs of 3*6mm/0.12*0.24in Total Length 42~50mm/1.65~1.97in

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