Network RJ45 / RJ11 Line Finder Cable Tracker Tester Sender Wire Tracer + Bag

SKU: B867-Orange

$18.66 $22.24
Product Features:
The tracer track the cables or wires, and diagnose the break point.
The wire tracer is easily trace wires from source to termination.
Sender and receiver LEDs show open or short circuit conditions.
The wire tracer can be used as wire tracing, checking short circuit, locating open circuit, wire identification.
Send a single solid tone or dual alternating tone to the object cables or wires.

Package includes:

1. Cable with crocodile clamp x 1
2. RJ45 network cable x 1
3. 9V battery x 2
4. Earphone x 1
5. RJ11 telephone cable x 1
6. Instruction manual  x 1
7. Color box x 1

Quick Details

Power: 2x 9V-DC battery
Color: Red/blue/orange
Usage: test cable tracker cable
Interface: RJ11,RJ45
Housing: metal and plastic
Receiver size:: 38 x 21 x 178 mm
Emitter size: 46 x 28 x 125 mm
Packing: kit bag

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