RFID Blocking "Credit Card & Debit Card" Holder Case Safety Sleeve Protector

SKU: b890

$0.84 $5.99

Credit card case RFID protection.

  • Shield your RFID enabled cards from potential wireless identity theft. 
  • The RFID Blocking Identity Protection Sleeves prevents scanners from obtaining sensitive private information.
  • Standard Card  Sized Protection Sleeves 
  • Fits all standard card sizes with the slim protective sleeves.
  • Sturdy and Damage Resistant 
  • Designed not only to be slim and compact, but also damage resistant from water wear, tear, and cuts.


  • Shield your RFID cards from potential wireless identity theft
  • Separate sleeves to fit credit cards
  • Slim, compact, and damage resistant from wear, tear, and cuts

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