Nylon Braided (1ft/3ft/6ft/10ft/15ft) USB 2.0 (Type-C to USB) Data & Sync Charging Cable

SKU: b580-1ft-Black

Size: 1ft
Color.: Black
$0.94 $5.09
USB  Type-C  to USB-A cable for Android Phones, Compatible with any device With USB Type-C Port .
(see picture for detail)
Items included
  • USB Type-C cable high quality 
  • Brand New
  • USB charger 
  • Top Quality
  • Tested before shipment 
The USB-C connectors connect to both hosts and devices, replacing various USB-B and USB-A connectors and cables with a standard meant to be future-proof. The 24-pin double-sided connector is slightly larger than the micro-B connector, with a USB-C port measuring 8.4 millimetres (0.33 in) by 2.6 millimetres (0.10 in). The connector provides four power/ground pairs, two differential pairs for non-SuperSpeed data (though only one pair is populated in a USB-C cable), four pairs for SuperSpeed data bus (only two pairs are used in USB 3.1 mode), two "sideband use" pins, VCONN +5 V power for active cables, and a configuration pin used for cable orientation detection and dedicated biphase mark code (BMC) configuration data channel.

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